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Breeding conditions

Here you can find the stallions we offer for outside mares. Please read our breeding conditions before you contact us for a breeding. Please look below at our breeding calender, we have limited space for outside mares.

2 breedings available in 2024! 

Multiple Grand Champion, Res. Supreme Champion

1st premium NMPRS Champion

ASPC/AMHR: €1100 




Stud fee for



NO breedings available in 2024! 

European National Res. Grand Champion, Multiple European National Champion, 1st Premium NMPRS Reserve Champion

Stud fee for


ottavio 10.jpg

  • We give a live foal guarantee: If your mare is not in foal or loses her foal before giving birth/if your mare loses her foal within 48 hours of birth the owner of the mare can come back to us for a free rebreeding. The only thing we ask as a compensation is 6 euros a day for a mare without a foal and 8 euros a day for a mare with a foal.

  • We give 2 weeks free stabling after this time we ask 6 euros a day for the stabling/care of your horse. 

  • The mare can be scanned at our stables if desired by the owners. All costs are for the owner of the mare.

  • We treat all the horses that come to our stables as if they are our own. We treat them with love, tenderness and give them all the care they need. This also means that we have the right to call the veterinarian if we think that the mare may be in danger. If this happens we will contact the owner as soon as possible. The stay of the mare is always at risk of the owner.

  • The owner of the mare can choose if her/his mare(s) stays on the field with a shelter at night or if the mare stays in the stables during the night. We offer the choice to leave your mare on the field or paddock. We also offer the choice to leave your mare on the field 24/7 or in a stable. This includes a full haynet during the night, a stable filled with straw, woodshavings or flax.

  • We do not breed our stallion to mares under 3 years old. We only accept mares that are in good health, properly vaccinated, properly dewormed and that have a valid passport.

  • We ask that when the owner drops off her/his mare(s) they give us a copy of the mares passport and (if the mare is in possession of AMHA/AMHR papers to make a copy of these too).

  • We ask half the price  (425 euros - Ottavio /500 euros - Sognatore) in advance to reserve your breeding. The rest of the stud fee must be payed when the mare is picked up. Additional costs must always be payed when the mare is picked up.

  • The stud fee includes a NMPRS breeding certificate and a AMHA/AMHR/ASPC one.

  • We assume that if you offer your mare to us for a breeding that you have read our breeding conditions. We also ask that you sign a contract stating that you agree to all our conditions.



April: 1 spot

May: 1 spot

June: 1 spot

July: 2 spots

August: 2 spots

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