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Modello U'T Stetson Lucy In The Sky

Samis U Tiny Trinket x Hallmarks Phantom Stetson

U Tiny baby 4.JPG

Hallmarks Phantom Stetson x Samis U Tiny Trinket
2020 - 31,00"- Buckskin
Breeder: Nathalie Marmuse - Modello Horse Farm, France

Modello U'T Stetson Lucy In The Sky is a tiny filly that comes close to perfection. We are so proud to have such a delicately built horse. She is super refined with all the features we hope for in a mare: a really short back, gorgeous head, long legs (even though she is tiny). She is small but her attitude and physique are like a full sized Arabian.

She also has an excellent pedigree. Her sire is the World Champion Hallmarks Phantom Stetson who is an incredible perlino stallion. Stetson produced many Champions in Europe so far and we are happy to have one of his foals. Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo is Lucy's famous grandsire, one of the best Boones Little Buckeroo sons ever.

Lucy's dam is Samis U'Tiny Trinket a phenomenal daughter of National Champion Samis Kid Banana. We are so happy to have a small perfect filly with these great bloodlines.


Just look at the build of this exceptional filly! She is so delicately built and so so tiny but you would say she was a full grown horse. We knew we needed a horse like this for our breeding program, her impeccable figure as well as her exceptional bloodlines make her perfect. She is so small she will probably only be 30" at adult age.

lucy 2.JPG
U Tiny baby.JPG

Modello U'T Stetson Lucy In The Sky's parents

Lucy has classic breeding in the AMHA industry: her dam is the incredible Samis U Tiny Trinket, a daughter of the National Champion Samis Kid Banana. This is one of the best bloodlines in the breed. Her grandsire is Shadow Oaks Top Banana another famous stallion.

Her sire is the World Champion, Multiple European Champion Producer, Multiple Grand Champion, Multiple Supreme Champion,.. Hallmarks Phantom Stetson. He is a son of the legendary stallion Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo who is a direct Boones Little Buckeroo son. 

u tiny.jpeg

Dam: Samis U Tiny Trinket


Sire: Hallmarks Phantom Stetson

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