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About Our Farm

Welcome to our website! Platton Horse Farm is a small breeding farm situated in the heart of Belgium. We have developed a big passion for this small but exquisite breed: The American Miniature Horse. Since 2016 we have been trying to produce the world's best of this breed.

Our passion for these small but exceptional horses is humongous, and only grows from day to day. Breeding the most perfect horses in the breed is our biggest goal. 

Our goal is to breed the American Miniature Horses of the best quality, horses that surpass the expectations of the breed. These are small, extremely refined horses with a gorgeous Arabian head, long legs, short back, a graceful neck and spectacular movements. A crucial part of breeding is selecting the horses with the correct bloodlines, we only pick the best.

It's important to take good care of your horses and here at Platton Horse Farm we believe that a happy horse is the best kind of horse. 

We follow many different studbooks as to enter lots of shows and to give the new owner of one of our foals a chance to choose which studbook he/she prefers. We use the following studbooks: AMHA, AMHR, ASPC, NMPRS, BMP, EUSAM but the most important studbook remains AMHA for us.

We try to send at least one horse to the shows each year to show what we are producing to many breeders throughout Europe.

We only breed a few foals each year because we prefer quality over quantity.

If you need any information about this breed we are happy to help you discover these exquisite small horses.

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