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A very important part of breeding is also showing your foals to the world, this happens at a few international shows

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Show Training

We have only been getting into showing since a few years. Each year we try bring a few of our horses to the shows so that the entire miniature horse scene can admire what we have produced. We try and send at least one horse in show training each year, this way we know they will be trained to perfection and produced at the show with amazing quality. We also try to train a few of our horses ourself. Show training is very difficult and requires a lot of hard work and knowledge in many different fields. 

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It takes a lot of preparation to make a horse ready for the shows. In the months before the first show we have to give the horses the correct food, and as less grass as possible. We also work them everyday, our training consists of training on the lunge and walking. We are by no means a professional training center and we only train our own horses for the shows.

 Our show horses


Modello TT Boom Boy...
AMHA/AMHR 2023 colt
In training with Platton Horse Farm, Belgium.



Platton Hawks GR Don Ottavio
AMHA/AMHR 2020 stallion.
In training with STP Training Center, Belgium.


virginia 4.jpg

Platton FR Bailamos Virginia Plain
AMHA/AMHR 2022 filly.
In training with Platton Horse Farm, Belgium.
*NMPRS Youth Approval

*Flower Power Show
European Nationals AMHR/ASPC


U Tiny baby 4.JPG

Modello U'T  Stetson Lucy In The Sky 
AMHA/AMHR 2020 mare.
In training with Platton Horse Farm, Belgium.

*Flower Power Show



Modello Bailamos Amore Sognatore
AMHA/AMHR/ASPC 2019 stallion.
In training with Platton Horse Farm, Belgium.

*AMHR European Nationals 


Shows 2023

1 April: NMPRS Stallion Approval

27-28 April: IMHC AMHR/ASPC/AMHA Show


10-11 June: NMPRS Youth Approval

13-14 July: AMHA European Regionals UK Show

20-21 July : AMHR European Nationals AMHR/ASPC  

26-27 August: NMPRS Mare Approval

31-1 September: AMHA European Championship 

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