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All our foals at Platton Horse Farm are top quality American Miniature Horses. We prefer to have a few foals each year with great quality than lots of foals with mediocre quality. Usually we only expect around three foals each year. When we breed horses we look at the conformation and bloodlines the most, this is extremely important. We never breed for color; a special color is something beautiful but it's not essential.


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Look at the gorgeous build of our colt Platton Hawks GR Don Ottavio, you can see the refined legs, Arabian head and short back we are looking for, he is perfection.

We breed AMHA/AMHR and NMPRS horses. Some of our mares have 50% ASPC blood that makes them extra special as broodmares. By adding ASPC blood to an AMHA you get a goregous refined foal that looks like a beautiful big horse in a miniature format. We are one of the only farms in Europe to combine the amazing ASPC bloodlines with the best but absolutely golden AMHA bloodlines. If you want the most modern AMHA horses you have come to the right place!


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The conformation of Platton Impressive's Venus In Furs is simply exceptional, she is the top of what we want to produce, ultra modern model with ASPC blood, a gorgeous neck and head, very short back and long legs and this all in a tiny package. 

Also most of our mares have all had have a successful show career before retiring from the show ring to breed.


A top broodmare is difficult to find, you have to look for all the perfect things; a killer neck, exceptional exotic head, short back, long legs, big movement and all of this in a small package. To find a mare like this is easier said than done! We have worked hard to find the perfect mares.

You will only see the best bloodlines in our foals. We pick our broodmares very carefully because this is 70% of the foal. Without an amazing mare you cannot have great foals. Some of the bloodlines we have are the Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy bloodlines, Boones Little Buckeroo, Champion Farms Nighthawk, Lazy N' Red Boy, Glenns General Patton, NFCS Manipulator, Magic Man Of LTDS and Arenosa. These bloodlines are the key to breeding great the best foals. All our mares have World Champions and European Champions in their bloodlines. Two of our mares are direct daughters of World Champions and both are also sisters to World Champions.

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Rarely can you find foals that have the blood and the conformation, here at Platton Horse Farm we try our best! Pictured above Platton Hawks GR Don Ottavio.

Because we are a small farm we cannot keep all our foals, that's why we sometimes offer them for sale. Sometimes we even offer the chance to purchase a foal in utero. If you buy a foal from us we guarantee you some of the best foals that there are. If you are interested in any of our foals or if you have any questions please let us know.


If you are looking for a top quality show foal please contact us, we can offer you an in utero deal. 

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